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I’m Sherrie St. Cyr, financial coach

Financial coaching addresses how you think, feel and act with regard to your money, as well as how that affects your relationships and your financial health. Whether you are drawn to financial coaching because you’ve had an unexpected change in your financial situation (for better or worse) or you’re ready to change a lifelong pattern of self-sabotage, financial coaching could be the answer. Unlike therapy, financial coaching avoids labels and focuses on helping you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

Money Mindshift Resources

7-day mindshift challenge

 The 7-day intensive is a FREE email course with exercises to increase your awareness of your money patterns – the ones that are working for you and the ones that aren’t. It also includes my power tool for inducing mind-shifts almost effortlessly. You’ll also have access to a community of fellow explorers.

the money journal

Making a lasting change in your money management requires recognizing the thoughts and feelings that drive your spending. The Money Journal is the first step in your journey of discovery.  Use the prompts to record your journey and deepen your insight and help you focus your work.


I work with a limited number of people individually. I coach a little differently than the experts advise – no contracts, no commitments. However, you must have purchased the Self-Study course or participated in a group coaching program first. This actually saves you money – it is MUCH less expensive to take the course and access all the tools and worksheets than to work with me individually and pay for a coaching session related to each one of them.

What People are Saying

As someone who is focused on early retirement I am always seeking tools to help my debt-free journey. Sherrie’s “Money Journal” has helped me recognize the connection between emotions and spending. The Money Vision Board helps keep me focused on the big picture. I am using the Daily Money Journal to help identify and improve my spending habits.

Shara Jones

Chapter Two Traveler

Sherrie St. Cyr could very well be the answer to your money management prayers! Finally, someone has come along who can help us understand our personal money mindset and the triggers that sabotage our spending. If you are ready to get away from money guilt, Sherrie has the knowledge and experience to show you how! Thank you, Sherrie!

Melaina Raburn


​I love Sherrie’s Money Journal. It really helps you get to the heart of how you feel about money, work through your obstacles, and make a solid budget plan. Thanks so much, Sherrie!

Sue Holloway

Successful Expat

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