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Individual Coaching

Personalized coaching when you need it. I don’t believe in “coaching packages”. We’ll meet over the internet for an initial assessment. Together we’ll idenitfy your coaching goals and a plan to reach them. You might want one more session and you might want ten – we won’t know until we get there. You might be surprised how much progress you can make with just a session or two. Remember that story about “knowing where to knock”? I’ve had enough experience not to subject you to a full coaching program when all you need is one shift in perspective to make a meaningful change.

Group Coaching

See that woman in the middle? The one looking right at the camera? I think she’s thinking, “I’m not going to speak up about my money issues in this group of people!”. I would be thinking the same thing. That’s why my group coaching happens in a private community rather than in a social media group. You can create a username and share freely without anyone knowing your true identity. The support of a group can be a great resource when you’re changing habits. It’s even more useful when you can be totally open.

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